Welcome to the Club

Billiards Sports Club (B.S.C.) is Kenya’s International Pool & Billiards Championship League Centre established in January 2000.We are licensed The Betting Control & Licensing Board (BCLB) under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming Act (Cap.131).

We are located in Magomano Bar & Restaurant,2nd Floor(Pool Bar) along Tom Mboya Street,Nairobi. We organize Pool Tournaments and Award winning competitions for 8-Ball,9-Ball,One Pocket, Straight Pool and Three Cushions.

Join the Professional Pool Championship League in Nairobi.

Open everyday at: 9:00 am to 11:00 pm, Monday to Saturday

Few words about us

The Sports Pool Club has been created as a means to provide a platform, to bring sports fans together facilitating honest sports prediction and communication.

Started off as a few mates, we have now grown into a wide community of friends spanning the Country from Nairobi to Mombasa!

Our aim is to provide you with a medium to take your sports passion to your friends. Join the Professional Pool Championship League in Nairobi.

What Else?

Billard section

We have compiled a section for the beginners as well as the experts to learn more about the sport

Food and bar

We are located in the heart of the CBD. We also have Food and Drinks readily available.

Accommodation Rooms

Accommodation Rooms are available for stay.

Meeting Rooms

We have compiled a section for Funerals,Weddings Welfares

BSC Pool Tournaments/Events

Billiards Sport Club participates in sponsoring charity competitions. The competitions are organized with the objective of raising some funds to assist the less fortunate people in the society.

We sponsor and organize pool events and tournaments that attract professional pool players from various parts of the country, both young and old.

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